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Saturday December 3rd, 2022
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Printing luxury perfume glass bottles: a new plasma cleaning application

Plasmatreat presents a new application of its Openair-Plasma technology successfully implemented in the field of luxury packaging to optimize the process of finishing and printing glass bottles of luxury perfumes as well as bonding their decorative elements.

The Openair-Plasma technology developed by Plasmatreat is one of the world's leading solutions used to activate, clean and plasma process any type of surface in many applications. A simple and ecological method, Openair-Plasma is an activation process allowing efficient, fast and affordable surface modification, without changing the mechanical properties of the treated materials.

Developed to meet the challenges of bottle manufacturers, this new business application aims to improve the print quality of text characters and logos of luxury brands with often very refined design, and provide maximum protection for bottles and bottles to avoid damage and scratches due to friction during transport. This process even offers the possibility of making complex bottles in several parts.

The Plasmatreat process is based on the on-line activation of plasma processing. It allows to directly treat, clean and activate the entire surface of the glass bottles to ultimately offer a very high quality design by combining efficiency and profitability for the manufacturer.

"Indeed, one of the advantages of the Openair-Plasma technology being a cost-effective process, this system is integrated online and thus allows the robotic process of printing andgluing small decorative elements to take place directly after the end of cleaning and processing, and this, without any interruption of production,"says the company.

The glass used is usually produced from the primary colors (white, green or brown) in order to make the bottles and bottles more sophisticated, an essential aspect in the field of cosmetics. This glass being tinted afterwards. For this type of packaging, high quality is required in order to allow the proper application of color. The Openair-Plasma process contributes to the efficiency of the lacquering process usually carried out in the luxury sector with high-quality paint.

In the last step of the manufacturing process, the glass is coated (coated), in order to avoid damage and scratches. Then these glass bottles are mainly printed by the screen printing process. The type of coating that was made during manufacturing then determines the adhesion quality of the printing ink used.

In order to ensure good adhesion and uniform color dispersion especially on a polymer coating, plasmaactivation is necessary to increase the tension of the surface. "Thanks to its robust nozzle system and simple in-line integration, Openair-Plasma technology is a perfect solution for the surface activation required for glass in perfume bottles and bottles,"says Plasmatreat.

From a technical point of view, these applications require Openair plasma nozzles of the RD1004 type with a wide nozzle head and a working width of 40 mm for each. The components move all along under the nozzles at the constant speed of the conveyor system.

With the Openair-Plasma process, manufacturers of luxury perfume bottles and bottles will be able to benefit from a system that brings several advantages:

  • Micro-surface cleaning that removes impurities and adherent organic particles.
  • Use of innovative coating processes and the implementation of alternative color systems (UV varnish, solvent-free lacquering).
  • Better ink adhesion when screen printing or pad printing on glass, including on bottles with polymer coating.
  • Improved design.
  • Realization of complex vials in several parts.
  • Reduction of the rejection rate (error rate).
  • Easy integration of plasma nozzles into varnishing systems.

In the end, in cosmetic applications, and more particularly in luxury, this method of treatment and surface cleaning can be very advantageous to obtain a very high quality glass and high-end and exclusive designs.

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