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Cosmetic Valley presents the first edition of the Consumer Safety & Cosmetics Congress

If the performance of cosmetics is essential, their safety is just as important for consumers who wish to be more and more informed about the composition and manufacture of the products they use. How to reassure them and provide them with the requested guarantees? Are the data provided sufficiently complete and effective to reassure them? What to think of the new Beauty applications that have recently appeared? 

It is to these questions that the Cosmetic Valley intends to answer with its new Consumer Safety & Cosmetics - Innovating for Consumer Safety congress. Safety is indeed a strategic issue for the French perfume-cosmetics industry, which creates ever more efficient products that consumers can use in complete safety. It is one of the essential values of the France brand that the competitiveness cluster defends and promotes. Finally, security is an important source of innovation and differentiation for French industry in a highly competitive international market.

This 1st edition of the “Consumer Safety & Cosmetics ” congress will bring together all the professions and all the expertise across the entire product value chain: product materials, formulation, skin / product interactions, process, packaging, supply chain, etc. 

Four main themes will be discussed:
The safety of incoming raw materials
Responsible Packaging and Safety
Ultra-cosmetic cleanliness
Beauty apps: a guarantee for the consumer? (roundtable) 


June 19-20, 2019 
Location: Le Vaudreuil, Normandy
Alnes Pavilion - 27 Bernard Chédeville Street - 27100 THE VAUDREUIL 

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