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The Bienvenue brand and its hotel hospitality products in the spotlight


Since its founding, Groupe GM has played a pioneering role in the hospitality products sector, creating the concept of branded hotel hospitality products. Today, the group celebrates Bienvenue, its first line of hotel hospitality products, born more than 45 years ago, which is also the first collection of cosmetic products imagined in France for the hotel industry.

Georges Marchand, self-taught and former salesman, becomes sales director of a company specializing in the reproduction of works of art by great masters intended in particular for hotels. It is through his meetings with hotel managers and suppliers in the sector, and thanks to his address book, that the idea comes to him to offer branded cosmetic hospitality products. He notes that, in the Paris of the 1970s, customers only have 15 g soaps in their hotel room. At that time, to convey the brand image of an establishment through a product, the most common method was to offer matchboxes to customers as a welcome gift.

"Groupe GM wanted its very first in-house designed brand to embody the nobility, style and universality of the art of hospitality," the company said. The French term "bienvenue", internationally known and pronounced in a multitude of accents, has a much more symbolic significance than its English equivalent, "welcome". In addition, the flower integrated into the brand logo embodies the art of receiving. Nowadays, millions of products from this line are sold every year. »

Today, Groupe GM, a family business, holds a portfolio of more than 40 brands, including in-house developed brands.

Care About Earth Social Responsibility Program

Since the launch of the Welcome line, Groupe GM has taken the necessary steps to remain at the forefront of the hospitality products sector. Similarly, throughout its development, Groupe GM has made environmental sustainability a priority and has done immense work to ensure that the ingredients and packaging of its products come responsibly.

In order to provide additional support to this cause, the group launched the Care About Earth program in 2018. Intended to intensify all of society's environmental and social actions, this program aims to reduce the impact of hospitality products on the environment.

Through the Care About Earth program, Groupe GM can minimize its environmental impact through three main pillars: reducing the amount of fossil fuel-based plastics in its packaging, using responsibly sourced materials in the design and formulas of its products, and designing innovative large formats such as Ecofill, its patent-pending distributor.

The Ecofill dispenser is an innovative, sustainable and eco-designed product. Combining respect for the environment, re-filling and traceability, it offers a clean, safe and easy solution with a reduced environmental impact.

Ecofill is simple to refill thanks to its sealed single-use pockets with a capacity of 400 ml, which offer minimal packaging with only 8 g of recyclable plastic and guarantee full traceability of formulas.

Under the Care About Earth programme, the materials that make up more than 85% of Groupe GM's hospitality product lines have already been replaced by plant-based or recycled plastics. The Welcome line is eco-designed and perfectly in line with this program. The products are made from plant-based or recycled plastic from sugar cane residues and come exclusively from sustainable farms and responsible suppliers.

Groupe GM, in a few words

With a global distribution network of 25 exclusive agents covering more than 80 countries, Groupe GM offers its products in more than 7,000 establishments – mostly high-end, such as palaces, independent boutique hotels or members of major prestigious international chains. Its hospitality products are also distributed on board cruises and by several airlines. In the background, there is a growing demand for these products in some healthcare facilities, such as luxury clinics.

The group recently completed a major expansion project in the United States, one of the largest hotel markets in the world, by opening a warehouse and a new operations site in Hallandale, Florida. This step paves the way for the company's planned major investments in the U.S. market in the coming years.

Groupe GM's partners are located locally. Each of its distributors manages its supply chain locally, Groupe GM can ensure flexible service, fast deliveries and optimized management of customer needs.

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