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Saturday September 30, 2023
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YSL Beauté launches a sustainable development program with the NGO Re:wild

YSL Beauté launches "Rewild Our Earth", a new sustainable development program, in collaboration with the international NGO Re:wild. This resolutely ambitious international program heralds a new era for the luxury cosmetics brand, which has also rethought its global sustainability strategy.

YSL Beauté has announced the launch of Rewild Our Earth, its global action plan in partnership with the international NGO Re:wild, demonstrating its overall commitment to taking action to make a positive contribution to both planet and man. The mission of the Rewild Our Earth program is to protect and restore 100,000 hectares of land by 2030 - almost ten times the size of Paris - and preserve biodiversity in areas threatened by global warming, from which the ingredients of YSL Beauté products are sourced. The project, which is in line with the brand's long-standing work in Morocco through its Ourika collective gardens, is at the heart of YSL Beauté's sustainable development strategy, dubbed "Change the Rules, Change the Future". This vision revolves around three major axes: reducing environmental impact; protecting and restoring ecosystems; and preventing domestic violence. To further affirm its commitment to transparency, YSL Beauté has also published its first sustainability report, detailing the sustainable development actions implemented in all areas of its business.

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