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Little Madeleine, a new form of French-scented luxury in short circuit


Launched just a year ago by Guillaume Dufay, La Petite Madeleine is a start-up incubated at the Technopole de l'Aube in Champagne whose mission is to combine artisanal know-how with the expertise of exceptional perfumers. Initially made up of a range of scented natural soaps, it now offers five fragrances echoing the scents of soaps. Available online and little by little in niche perfumeries (Troyes, Reims, Lille, Dijon ..), the little Madeleine carries at the heart of her project the anchoring in the Champagne territory.

Five new scents

Having worked for several years in the world of cosmetics and more particularly exceptional fragrances, Guillaume Dufay wanted to create high-end products to free memory via scents, while highlighting the richness of French heritage. From this project were first born the scented soaps of little Madeleine. To do this, Guillaume Dufay then trained as a soap maker in order to master cold saponification techniques. He started in his grandmother's artist's studio before moving to Troyes and developing his project at the Technopole de l'Aube in Champagne.

A year later, he announced the launch of five eaux de parfum with renowned perfumers that complement the five existing cold soaps. Always with this desire to produce in France and to keep very short circuits, all suppliers and partners are located a few kilometers from the production workshop of the little Madeleine.

Clean perfume concentrated at 18% based on organic beet alcohol used near their production workshop, these fragrances are intended to be in line with nature and design in an industry that largely uses weighed down and metallized plastic caps.

The available scents and the "noses" are the same as for the five scented soaps:
– "Neroli of the moons" by Fabrice Pellegrin
– "Naked iris" by Marie Salamagne
– "Thrill of vetiver" by Nicolas Bonneville
– "Under the silence of the rose" by Philippine Courtières
– "Bergamot rain" by Julien Plos

These five "noses" work for Firmenich, one of the largest houses of perfumed compositions. Each soap has its own olfactory story narrated by the perfumer himself.

"Humbly, my desire was to promote the different trades and know-how of our territory. Each one brings his expertise and a stone to the edifice of our olfactory stories. "says Guillaume Dufay, founder of little Madeleine.

A quality and eco-responsible assembly that values short circuits

In this same eco-responsible line of soaps – all of which are handmade by Guillaume Dufay in his workshop in Troyes, the eaux de parfum are composed of virtuous materials.

Regarding the design of the corks, cork is produced in France and is the result of the redesign of cork bottle caps, male and female cork bark. Little Madeleine called on two talented designers who hand-designed pebbles from shells and cork, symbolizing travel, freedom and marine movement.

The bottle recalls the rounded shapes of scented soaps with a reduced environmental impact: the bottle was chosen light, with a need for glass halved compared to a conventional bottle of the same capacity. In addition, it is 100% recyclable.

The cases and decorations (patterns on the bottles) were made in family businesses less than 50 km from Guillaume Dufay's workshop. Similarly, vegetable inks are used on papers from sustainable forests and the eau de parfums do not contain dyes or UV filters. Beet alcohol is of plant origin, organic and collected nearby.

Subsequently, each bottle is packaged in the workshop, with an assembly of the cases by hand. The logistics of sending is done in a company 3 km away where people work in social reintegration.

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