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The olfactory ambiance, an important component of the French people's daily well-being

6 out of 10 French people have already left a place because they didn't like the smell.

Scentys, the French expert in airborne fragrance diffusion for the past 20 years, unveils the results of a study on the relationship that the French have with the scents that mark their daily lives.

Consciously or unconsciously, scents act on our state of mind. But what impact do home fragrances really have on our daily lives? This is the question that Scentys wanted to answer through this study, conducted last June with BVA.

Odors, an increasingly important element in all places

A very large majority of French people say they are rather sensitive (49 %) or even very sensitive (29 %) to odors of any kind. They therefore attach great importance to the smells in the various places they frequent: at home of course (87 %), but also in a hotel (83 %), a restaurant (78 %) or a store (73 %). 60% of them have even left a place where they did not like the smell.

Home fragrances, a vector of well-being

For the French, home fragrances have a rather positive image: they give them a pleasant (46 %) or relaxing (28 %) feeling. 54 % of respondents have adopted them in their homes; and if half of them try to mask unpleasant odors (kitchen odors, pet odors...), three quarters (76%) do it simply for their well-being.

A habit that now follows them even in their car: 32 % of French people use scent diffusers, always for their pleasure and well-being (77 %).

The French are in favor of diffusing home fragrances in the places they frequent

More and more places that welcome the public are using the diffusion of room fragrances or pleasant smells. This practice is welcomed by the French: nearly half (45 %) consider it a good thing and that this experience is rather pleasant.

"Smells play an extremely important role in our relationship with the world. comments Pierre Loustric, president of Scentys. "An American study has shown that humans retain only 1 % of what they touch, 2 % of what they hear, 5 % of what they see, but 35 % of what they smell. It is not surprising that the diffusion of perfume, in the home or in places where the public is present, has such an impact on our state of mind.

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