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New Rootness Mood+ from Clariant: the light-mimicking skin tone equalizer

Derived from environmentally friendly plant processing technology, this new active ingredient mimics the natural benefits of light to revitalize skin and improve mood. Derived from Sanguisorba officinalis, an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine, it enhances vitamin D by distributing and activating receptors to increase skin's natural radiance.

Clariant Actives & Natural Origins has launched Rootness Mood+, a new advanced skincare active that leverages the proven effects of light and concentrates them in an eco-friendly extract.

Natural light provides essential health benefits, from preventing seasonal affective disorder to improving sleep. In low light regions, people suffer from winter depression and low mood. Skin disorders are more common than in areas with higher light levels. Dramatically, about 75 % of the world's population is vitamin D deficient due to excessive time spent indoors.

Rootness Mood+ can enhance the benefits of sunlight, improving mood and evening out skin tone. It reactivates the skin's natural glow and improves skin tone by triggering the skin's photoreceptors, opsins, and may also help increase the effect of vitamin D in the skin by upregulating vitamin D downstream pathways.

"Our modern lifestyles make us forget about the need to spend time outdoors, which has direct effects on the appearance of the skin. Rootness Mood+ can mitigate the effects of seasonal variations and reduced sun exposure by cosmetically replicating the benefits of light on the skin, providing a way to improve skin beauty and tone," said Julie Droux, Global Technical Marketing Manager for Actives and Natural Origins.

Rootness Mood+ is derived from the roots of Sanguisorba officinalis, a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine. Commonly known as the great burnet, the plant grows "in the sight of the sun". Grown under aeroponic conditions, using patented, eco-friendly Plant Milking technology, this special new active ingredient is also highly sustainable.

Clariant will be at in-cosmetics Global 2023, from March 28 to 30 in Barcelona, on booth Q10.

The brand will host two conferences:

March 29, 09:15-09:45 / Sustainability Corner
The science of sustainable beauty that helps preserve natural environments
Speaker: Julie Droux

March 30, 09:20-09:50 / Theater 1
Emotional beauty: a step towards the benefits of light, internal balance and happiness
Speaker: Julie Droux

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