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Monday, November 28, 2022
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Launch of Beauty Fab's call for applications

The Beauty Hub of the Cosmetic Valley competitiveness cluster includes a 60 m2 laboratory space called Beauty Fab, intended to accommodate prototypes, demonstrators or pilots of manufacturing, implementation, transformation, packaging or of characterization for the cosmetics industry and more particularly for the make-up sector.

Cosmetic Valley and its partners are launching a call for applications in order to identify technologies under development or existing in other sectors, applicable to the cosmetics / make-up sector.

Industrialists specializing in the development of manufacturing, shaping, packaging and characterization technologies can apply. The cosmetics market can be a market of innovation and diversification for them.

Product treatment (grinding, mixing, compacting, shaping, dosing, transfer, etc.), cleaning of equipment (non-stick material, CIP system, etc.), optimization of energy consumption (electricity, water, decarbonization, etc.), reduction of the environmental impact, digitization of production tools to guarantee safety and profitability (IoT, IA, etc.), robotization / automation of production tools, development of new technologies in online quality control, etc., are some examples of themes that may interest the Beauty Fab.

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