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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Launch of ozmi, the first complete digital platform for the creation of cosmetic products

ozmi, the first complete digital platform for the creation of simple-to-use cosmetic products, is now available to beauty and cosmetics professionals.
The first platform launched by The German startup Chemster GmbH, ozmi presents itself as a true digital ecosystem of integrated services open to all players in the cosmetics industry, designed to reduce the difficulties associated with the creation of new cosmetic products while providing brands and suppliers with an intuitive user experience.

"Ozmi aims to provide innovative brands and solution providers with an indispensable tool that enables them to create cosmetic products faster and easier," said Udo Eberlein, CEO of Chemster. He added: "Ozmi eliminates the complexity of the creative process and becomes a true trusted partner throughout the value chain."

"The beauty and personal care sector is a fragmented industry where information is often unclear or unavailable," he says. Consumer behaviour and demand have transformed product cycles. Today, the consumerization of the company also affects the field of cosmetics creation. The players in the sector intend a technological application for professional use that it is as easy and practical to use as those used on a daily basis. With ozmi and its transparent approach and pleasant navigation, we are responding to this demand."

On ozmi, users can find ingredients, formulations and packaging for cosmetic products, partner with suppliers, manage projects and receive advice so as not to face unforeseen difficulties in the design process. And in order to ensure the security of users' data and to ensure that it remains under their exclusive control, ozmi fully complies with European laws, particularly those on RGPD.

Features available today:

  • The simplified search for formulations, ingredients, suppliers and packaging incorporating filters and detailed results.
  • User collaboration: making contact easier during the tendering process, materials and basic services at all stages of the project
  • Project management tools that provide advice as soon as the formula is taken back.

Ozmi's features will evolve continuously. According to Udo Eberlein, the platform will take the next step by offering additional features, depending on user demand "We're constantly working to make ozmi even more user-friendly. Companies perform better when they pool all of their projects with their partners on ozmi. This allows them to significantly reduce their time to market and increase their competitiveness. He concludes.

The international deployment of ozmi will be phased in, starting with Europe as a priority.


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