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Saturday September 30, 2023
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The Fusion Bottle, a tribute to the art of master glassmakers

To celebrate the manufacture's centenary, the Studio Design Lalique, under the direction of Marc Larminaux, has created an exceptional piece: the Flacon Fusion. This piece was made possible by the master glassmakers, who went to the extreme limits of their know-how.

In addition, an original juice imagined by master perfumer Alexis Dedier of the Robertet house in Grasse pays homage to the incandescence of crystal.

A tribute work representing the paraison, the name given by master glassmakers to the drop of incandescent material they pluck, with a cane, from a fountain of molten crystal. The Fusion bottle in amber crystal, the color of the fire in which it was born, adopts this "bubble" shape. The bottle is prolonged by the slender line of a stopper in silky black crystal, evoking a picking cane, as if in a workshop.

Finally, a colorless crystal frieze refers to a "mailloche", the ladle that collects the crystal drop to round it off.

The frieze is delicately decorated with a fern motif, a plant figure dear to René Lalique's heart, but which also refers to crystal manufacturing: the distilled ash of this plant is used to obtain potash, indispensable to glassmakers for lowering the crystal's melting temperature. Potash is also used to impart density, sonority and brilliance.

Created in just 10 pieces, the Flacon Fusion represented a real challenge, especially when it came to working with the crystal in different colors (colorless, black and amber), making this piece extremely delicate to handle.

An exclusive fragrance

To celebrate its crystal century in style, this original juice, created by master perfumer Alexis Dedier of the Robertet house in Grasse, France, reinvents amber in a way that is as seductive as it is daring, combining rare and precious natural ingredients.

CO2 pepper, ambrette, plant musk, rose and iris embody the brilliance of crystal. The ambrette head introduces the luxurious, powdery, woody iris butter, and the white musk base gives the Flacon Fusion its airy purity.

Amber, echoing the color of the bottle, is combined with an essence of bitter almond and tonka bean absolute with nuances of hay and tobacco.

Cereal absolutes: an evocation of the fire where crystal is born. Lightly toasted, cereal absolutes (wheat, sesame, wheat bran...) are rarely used in perfumery.

Sweet, honeyed orange blossom, as satiny as Lalique crystal, envelops this subtle composition in sensuality.

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