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Industrial processes

The Pochet Group and the Fives Group announce a partnership for an electric furnace dedicated to Luxury Flaconnage

The Pochet Group, a key partner of the luxury goods industry specializing in the manufacture of packaging for perfume, skincare and make-up, and Fives, an international industrial engineering group, are combining their expertise to reduce carbon emissions and offer greener glass production.

Pochet du Courval, the division of the Pochet Group, experts in the art of shaping glass for 400 years, aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 50% by 2033 and to offer its customers decarbonated glass. The Guimerville plant, located in Normandy - France, is a veritable industrial flagship, manufacturing and decorating over a million glass bottles and jars every day for the most prestigious perfume and beauty brands.

Fives, a market leader in all-electric smelting technologies, will design and supply an electric furnace for the Guimerville plant. This advanced furnace design uses Prium E-Melt cold-vault melting technology, one of the most advanced available, to significantly reduce CO² emissions. The furnace is based on Fives' outstanding operational experience in electric melting.
This project, backed by the Pochet Group's private family shareholders, represents a major investment and requires major technological and human transformations.

" This electric furnace will be the very first French furnace dedicated to luxury bottles. It will enable us to drastically reduce our CO2 emissions by producing largely carbon-free glass for the perfume, skincare and make-up brands that will deliver the beauty of tomorrow. "says Benoit Marszalek, Pochet du Courval's Director of Operations.

" Fives is committed to providing innovative solutions based on our proven technology to electrify the glassmaking process. In this way, we are helping industrial partners to achieve their decarbonization objectives, as well as training technicians and operators at plant level. "says Alexandre Brusset, Glass Director at Fives.
By forming this strategic partnership, the two groups - Pochet and Fives - aim to make glass production more respectful of the environment.

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