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Friday August 12th, 2022
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The Verpack Group supports the "transparent" launch of Joone care


Initially focused on babies and then on the care of their mothers, the Joone brand was built with its community on the mode of a totally transparent collaboration. For the launch of its first beauty routine, Joone entrusted the eco-design of the cases to the Verpack group in a sustainable partnership logic.

Joone's adventure kicks off in 2017 with the launch of healthy, "transparent" baby diapers, capable of reassuring young parents and making their lives easier with a subscription principle. Joone then introduced the concept of a "companion brand" whose development was based on the collaboration of consumers. After a collection of hygiene and beauty products, the brand is launching this year a line of three essential face. A range conceived by the women of his community, some of whom become the muses of this new ritual. Pivot of the approach, a blockchain platform called Doorz traces the history of the product in complete transparency: formulas, sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing methods, distribution...

The Verpack group acts as an informed partner

Responsible for the creation of the cases, the Verpack group joins this responsible logic that forms the DNA of the brand. The group accompanies it in its choices between packaging functionality and measuring its environmental impact. Dedicated to two skinned products (make-up remover jelly and moisturizer), the cases were made in FSC card, printed and varnished using vegetable inks. In this logic of continuous improvement, the Verpack Group puts its Ecolab lifecycle analysis tool at the service of developments that are both virtuous and transparent.

"We gain in this collaboration, the competence and maturity of a group but for all that industrial flexibility adapted to our model," explains Baptiste Piraud, buyer and developer projects.

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