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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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The eco-design solutions of the partnership between Texen and Roctool

Just one year ago, Texen and Roctool signed a collaboration agreement to support Texen's customers in their ecological transition through a complementary value proposition. Today, collaboration is intensifying in a logic of proactivity. Texen has just launched its first production and is investing more heavily in new Roctool production systems under its BESST* Transform brand.

At the origin of this non-exclusive partnership, the two actors are committed to clearly identified strategic issues. On the one hand Texen whose mission is to transform the material into experience in a virtuous way, on the other Roctool whose technological innovation brings real opportunities in the transformation and sublimation of new generation materials.

Keeping the commitments made to the market

After the installation of the first Roctool equipment in 2020, Texen is accelerating the deployment of the technology on its French industrial park. Several of its production lines are now equipped with new Roctool systems. In order to offer a co-development force to its customers, the Texen lab, equipped since the beginning of 2021, offers ways to address the cross-challenges of sustainable design, competitiveness and Brand Equity.

In one year, this partnership approach was concretized by a first ultra-premium development in 100% recycled resin, the beginnings of an iconic makeup range for which the brand has chosen PCR resins.

*BESST: Beauty + Experience + Sensation + Surface by Texen

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