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A new range of PET and RPET packaging for the personal care market

To meet the hygiene and beauty market's constant demand for innovation, Acti Pack is expanding its product range with new eco-designed shapes and solutions.

Acti Pack, which has been specializing in the manufacture of PET jars and bottles for almost 30 years, generates almost 65 % of its sales in the European hygiene-beauty market.

Present in most French and European supermarkets, Acti Pack's wide choice of standard models and numerous customized developments also enable it to support cosmetics brands in the packaging of their products.

Its range of PET jars and bottles, with over 150 standard models, is adapted to the sector's many applications, including shampoos, shower gels, micellar waters, cleansing gels, hair styling gels, sun care products, skincare creams, bath salts and more.

To support its customers' eco-design initiatives and facilitate access to its recycled-material packaging, the company is making its standard range of "Next" bottles, incorporating 50 % of recycled PET material, available from one pallet.

Launched in 2015, this cylindrical-shaped series has met with great success. It is currently available from 100 ml to 1000 ml in standard screw ring offering numerous closure solutions such as service, bi- or mono-color caps, or the use of pumps and sprays to meet a wide range of cosmetic applications. Given the success of this range, Acti Pack has just launched a new line of PET jars based on the same "Next" design, offering customers a complementary shape. Available in sizes ranging from 100 ml to 250 ml in Twist off 63 rings, the development of these jars involved a partnership with sister company Loire Plastic Industrie, to offer a stackable jar + cap assembly using the standard "Step" cap.

This range covers solid and viscous hygiene-beauty applications such as styling gels, care creams, bath salts, etc.

Easily customized by transparent or opaque coloring, and decoratable by silk-screen printing or labeling, "Next" jars and bottles should easily find their place in packaging for a variety of cosmetic products.

New tottle bottle models have also been launched in recent months: "Stylys" 200 ml and "Canada" 200 ml and 250 ml complete Acti Pack's latest PET bottle innovations.

All Acti Pack PET models are 100 % recyclable, and can incorporate recycled material of between 25 % and 100 % in the final jar or bottle.

Acti Pack and its Axium Packaging Group subsidiaries will be presenting their latest innovations at PCI Days (Warsaw, Poland), September 8-9, Luxe Pack Monaco, September 27-29, and Fachpack (Nuremberg, Germany).

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