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Liquid lipsticks: a naturalness rate higher than 90 %

Global Bioenergies has announced that its Last range, until now focused on eye make-up, has been extended to lip make-up. Some 14 shades of liquid lipstick are now available. 

Just like the 18 liquid mascara, eyebrow mascara and eyeshadow references available since last June, the 14 liquid lipstick references combine high performance with high naturalness. This combination is made possible by the innovative ingredient produced by Global Bioenergies, isododecane of natural origin.

"The synthetic isododecane used by formulators has long been recognized for its long-lasting, low-transfer and water-resistant performance, and for its ability to offer the best application time and drying properties. The formula for LAST liquid lipsticks is based on naturally-derived isododecane from Global Bioenergies, making the range the first to achieve a naturalness level of over 90 %, while maintaining market-leading performance standards, as confirmed by blind consumer tests. It's the brand's signature!"says Muriel Morelli, in charge of product development.

"Opting for products of natural origin is today a militant act in favor of the environment. Our process is finding its first fields of application in make-up, and in the future will make a growing contribution to the environmental transition, by impacting whole sectors of the materials and fuels industry".says Marc Delcourt, co-founder and CEO of Global Bioenergies.

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