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Cherries: 1st range of hygiene and care products for men's intimate areas

Hair deemed unsightly, hygiene, increased sensations or simply to please their partner, more and more men are waxing their intimate areas partially or completely. Today, they look at their bodies in a totally different way, and for many, hair removal is becoming an essential part of their skincare routine.

An Ifop* study on hair removal habits in 2021 revealed that, beyond personal preferences and sexual practices, there are several reasons why more and more men are waxing, whether in an institute or in the privacy of their own bathroom. These include pressure from some women who feel that the effort they make should be shared, others who prefer their partners to be "clean" in this area, or pornographic films whose totally hairless actors influence men.

If for a long time a man's hair determined his virility, today's codes have evolved. Intimate area hair removal affects all styles of men: straight, gay, sportsmen, geeks, bobos, sex addicts... Starting with a little trimming as a "summer haircut", some have come to enjoy the practice. Self-confidence, freedom, sexual fulfillment: there are many reasons why men wax their private parts.

Your men can now count on Cherries hygiene and care products to help them look after their intimate areas in complete safety. The first range of quality dermo-cosmetic products for men's intimate areas, recommended by doctors, dermatologists and urologists, Cherries is an effective solution.J^|fj
safe, quick and painless.

Intimate depilatory cream

Fragrance- and paraben-free, Cherries Intimate Depilatory Cream is applied by hand to the areas to be depilated, scrotum and gluteal cleft, avoiding the mucous membranes of the glans penis and foreskin. After 10 minutes, dissolved hairs can be removed with a damp glove. The skin is smooth and visibly softer than after shaving, and less traumatized than with depilatory wax. Regrowth is natural and itch-free.
Its formula, based on 88 % ingredients of natural origin, also contains two essential components:
- Potassium thioglycolate, the most effective depilatory active ingredient to date for dissolving hair at the root.
- The Skin Preserve System™, a latest-generation silicone elastomer combined with high-tolerance natural shea butter which. while letting the skin breathe, form a protective barrier, preventing the depilatory active ingredient from coming into direct contact with the epidermis.

Intimate post-depilation care cream

Applied ten minutes after depilation, Cherries Intimate Post-depilation Care Cream provides freshness, hydration and softness.
Formulated with 95 % of natural-origin ingredients, fragrance-free and paraben-free, it also cleanses, soothes, purifies and delays hair regrowth.
- Hyaluronic acid, a moisturizer and anti-aging agent, helps maintain water on the skin's surface.
- Nourishing, healing and repairing, Souchet oil is traditionally used in Morocco for its anti-hair-growth properties,
- Panthenol. soothing and healing, relieves itching and skin irritations,
- Lactic acid stimulates gentle exfoliation, cell renewal and collagen production for anti-ageing and firming action.
- Nourishing and moisturizing oleic oil helps strengthen the skin barrier,
- Vitamin E. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

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