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Lumson collaborates with Avène

For Avène, a leading beauty company, Lumson has developed two types of packaging: Re Place for the new Cellular Renewable Cream, and a totally customized version of Envers Glas for the Multi-Intensive Night Cream.

Lumson for Hyaluron active B3

Another name of excellence has been added to Lumson's list of collaborations with leading brands. This time, it's Eau Thermale Avène, a Pierre Fabre Group brand, which, for its new Hyaluron Activ B3 line, has placed its trust in the expertise and technological know-how of Lumson, a leading Italian company in the primary cosmetics packaging sector.

Hyaluron Activ B3 is characterized by its revolutionary approach to fighting the signs of aging and by its ecological footprint. The latter follows the sustainability policy adopted by the Pierre Fabre Group some time ago, best illustrated by the creation of Green Mission in 2019, an integrated business unit that brings together and coordinates all the Group's CSR and sustainable development initiatives. An important part of the Group's objectives is devoted to new products which, since 2020, have been designed in an eco-sustainable way, just like Hyaluron Activ B3, which opens a new chapter in the long history of Avéne.

Re Place for cell renewal cream

For the velvety, comforting and enveloping cell renewal cream, we chose Re Place, a 50ml refill jar with a refillable inner cup. This innovative, eco-friendly solution is perfectly in line with the Pierre Fabre Group's sustainability policy. Just one year after its market launch, thanks to its versatility and fresh, innovative look, Lumson's Re Place has earned a place of honor in the skincare world.

Equipped with an easily removable and replaceable eco-refill, it represents the ideal solution for Avène, which combines elegance with an ecological approach: the refill solution in fact has an extremely positive environmental impact because, thanks to reuse - one of the pillars of the circular economy - it avoids the manufacture and transport of new materials and, at the same time, promotes more ethical and virtuous habits among consumers.

Envers Glas for Multi-Intensive Night Cream

A totally personalized Envers Glas was chosen for the multi-intensive night cream that stimulates cell renewal and activates collagen synthesis. Formulated with Haritaki extract, which prevents the degradation of hyaluronic acid and increases its lifespan, and Retinaldeide, 10x more active than Retinol, this rich, enveloping cream contains 97% of naturally-derived ingredients and promises more toned skin after just 15 days of use.  

Envers Glas is an airless pouch system that combines the qualities of the "classic" Envers - in primis, safety and preservation of a formula's integrity - with the prestigious appearance of glass, a noble and sophisticated material. Envers Glas, with its new cosmetic dispensing method, offers ease of use, maximum safety and high product restitution, perfect for meeting the needs of consumers who are known to prefer jarred products for their beauty routines.  

With Envers Glas, innovation goes far beyond: thanks to advanced technology, unique design and high functionality, Lumson's airless jar represents the generation of cosmetic packaging that is paving the way for a more conscious mode of consumption that is more respectful of people and the environment.  

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