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Coverpla partners with French Biscotos and Musa Paradisiaca

French Biscotos shakes things up with an original collection born of a model family adventure. For the launch of six fragrances with unforgettable names, the brand entrusted the development of the packaging to Coverpla: bottle and cap, pump and pump cover.

Beau bébé, Dur à cuire, Garde du corps, Loup de mer, Loup solitaire, Maître-nageur, the six masculine fragrances take a singular olfactory approach. Going beyond the cliché of the perfect man, they allow themselves a healthy dose of humor and derision. 

For this six-act development, French Biscotos has opted for the French savoir-faire advocated by Coverpla: standard bottles and caps, and a turnkey, personalized quality offering. French Biscotos chose the Parme bottle in 100 ml format for its curved body and thick base. The Gator cap accompanies it in a gunmetal hue. It owes its elegance to an aluminum cap decorated with knurling. Inside, the insert is injected with recycled surlyn.

In the case of Cristian Cavagna's Musa Paradisiaca fragrance, Coverpla followed the brand in its choice of a packaging shape evocative of its name and essence. The challenge was met with a range of standard bottles by Coverpla.

Musa Paradisiaca is the botanical name for the plantain. Its fragrance is the first of seven shades of tuberose, and is part of the "tuberose according to me" line. For this juice, both feminine and masculine, Cristian Cavagna wanted a bottle that evoked both the banana flower and the feminine hip. This is achieved with the Nice vapo (100 ml), elegantly striated to match the Maggiore cap. The brand has added a metallic label whose golden note pays homage to Gustave Klimt.

Coverpla's "mix and match" concept came into its own in this development. The choice of standard models with selected designs was used for an ultra-customized turnkey development.

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