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Monday February 6th, 2023
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Lush: positive results with double-digit growth

Launched 21 years ago in England, Lush continues to expand throughout the world and once again confirms its weight in the ethical cosmetics market with growth of 26% (figures as of June 30, 2015).

An international brand with artisanal manufacture

Present in 49 countries with its 933 stores, the brand has won over a large audience by offering handmade products made from fresh ingredients combining innovation, efficiency and ethical scope. Indeed, Lush sees its activity in such a way as to take into account the protection of human rights, the preservation of nature and the defense of animals, in particular by being very committed against animal testing. This year, the brand achieved a consolidated turnover of £ 574,000,000 (+ € 741m) representing a growth of 26% compared to the previous year. For their part, the stores have increased their turnover by 46% on average over the past two years. This performance was made possible thanks to a strong and solid presence in promising markets such as England, the United States and France, but also with an interesting dynamic within developing markets such as Brazil, which has recently been established. Lush has also donated £ 5,000,000 (€ 6,472,000) to associations and groups around the world through its various solidarity channels: products, activist campaigns, investment funds.

A multi-channel strategy at the service of the customer

The very essence of the company that was built on a first mail order business called Cosmetics to Go, Lush is developing its business around a multi-channel strategy, thus making it possible to offer ever more possibilities to its customers in terms of purchase but also access to information about its products and ethical campaigns. In just two years of intense development, Lush has this year achieved 36% growth in its online turnover representing £ 26,000,000 (nearly € 34 million).

A human challenge

This positive growth can also be explained by the very significant human resources put in place to keep the brand alive every day and offer a unique customer experience. On the one hand, the exclusively manual work of the employees of the 7 factories scattered all over the world to manufacture the 124 million units produced this year * (49% vs last year) - a bias that requires a unique organization in its kind on this sector. On the other hand, a real investment to strengthen the training of each employee in order to allow everyone to feel at ease in the business, both in relation to the products and their formulation, as well as the ethical struggles of the brand. . For several years now, Lush has been featured in numerous customer service rankings and in 2015, the company was ranked in the top 10 of Which? for its “Customer Service Awards” ranking.

A brand breaking with the traditional world of beauty

For 21 years, Lush has been breaking the codes of the traditional cosmetics market by offering breakthrough products due to their appearance, their formulation and their united approach. The brand constantly invents, manufactures and offers new product categories such as solid toothpastes or solid products sold without packaging, thus becoming more respectful of the environment. It is also a question of innovative formulations created to banish preservatives by replacing them with natural ingredients that are just as effective, but also of the implementation of solidarity actions and collaborative systems to guarantee the use of ingredients of rare quality. from fair trade in order to support small local producers throughout the world ...

And in France ?

France is one of the leading markets in Europe. The brand, present in the region since 2005, recorded a turnover of € 28,790,000 (compared to € 19,700,000 last year), of which € 2,890,000 was made exclusively through online sales.

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