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Packaging, process, marking and control equipment: market in decline but hope of recovery in 2021


Secimep, the trade union of international trade companies in packaging equipment, process, marking, and control, reports a decline in sales of about 5% in value in 2020 on all equipment on the production line. The trend was also downward for the workforce (-1.5%) as well as for orders.

This decline is due to the lack of visibility of industrialists as to the evolution of activity in a sector where investments are heavy and projects frozen until the health situation is better. As a result of the pandemic, the agri-food sectors related to the RHF (Out-of-Home Restoration) and cosmetics sectors suffered the most and whose investments were the most constrained while those in the Pharmaceutical and e-commerce sectors performed well.

According to the semi-annual statistics carried out by Secimep among its members of the "marking, traceability, and labelling" group representing the seven main companies in the sector in France, they suffered a 4% drop in equipment sales in 2020. Sales of consumables and spare parts remained at their usual level.


For 2021, companies in the packaging machinery, process marking, and control sector are forecasting a 3% rebound in activity thanks to the resumption of projects, subject to changes in the health situation. They forecast a 1.5% increase in headcount and a 6% order backlog.

Some 61% of companies surveyed by Secimep expect growth, often moderate, as the crisis emerges. A third expects a return to the pre-Covid situation in the second half of 2021. Another third sees the return to the pre-Covid situation in a year or more. But the last third believe that they have already achieved a return to normal or are forecasting it for the first half of the year. Read more:secimep.com

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