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Matteo Moretti takes over the entire capital of Lumson

Matteo Moretti, Chairman of Lumson S.p.A., has purchased, through the family holding company, the entire stake in Lumson S.p.A. held by FSI SGR S.p.A. on behalf of the "FSI I" fund . The transaction enables the Moretti family to complete the succession begun in 2018 and accelerate the path of growth by strengthening Lumson S.p.A.'s leading position in the cosmetic primary packaging sector.

This transaction comes after four years of strong joint development.
Lumson is a leading European company in the design, development, production and decoration of primary packaging systems for the cosmetics and make-up market.
The Capergnanica-based company exceeded 130 million euros in sales, with a sustained margin reflecting its strong positioning in the skincare segment and the high quality and technological content of its products, sold worldwide to the most important groups in the cosmetics industry.
Over the last five years, the company's sales have doubled and, under the leadership of Matteo Moretti, it has considerably strengthened its position in the high-end make-up segment, thanks also to the acquisition of Marino Belotti. In addition, important and innovative projects have been carried out in the field of sustainability, an extremely important issue in the packaging world and one in which Lumson is now a leader with a solid pipeline and a dynamic management team.

The Moretti family's aim is to further accelerate Lumson's growth and consolidate its leading position in the skin care segment of the primary packaging sector, continuing under the leadership of Chairman Matteo Moretti, Managing Director Antonio Recinella and the current management team.
Matteo Moretti, President of Lumson Group: " I am very proud of Lumson's growth and the value created for all shareholders and stakeholders thanks to the commitment and contribution of my father Remo - Lumson's founder in 1975 -, the Board of Directors, the management team and all the Group's employees. Today, Lumson is a major player in the primary packaging industry, with a diversified product portfolio and a focus on sustainability that makes the company an important partner for leading international cosmetics brands. The FSI helped us achieve this goal" .

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