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Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Michel Limongi adopts the iconic COSMOGEN brush


Beauty designer Michel Limongi has adopted Cosmogen's iconic Fan brush, which he will present during a teliermakeup at the Cosmogen #J36 stand on Thursday, June 22 at 3:30 p.m. on the salon Make Up in Paris.
In addition to its aesthetic character, this double-range brush due to its double length of hair was specifically designed by Cosmogen engineers. Its easy grip inspires a new flexible gesture that naturally tames the contours of the face and reveals its areas of shadow and light with natural and elegance. All Face Fan, as Michel Limongi called it, is the magician's brush of complexion.
''This double two-sided fan required the creation of an innovative make-up method to achieve all styles of complexion: tanning, blush, strobing, contouring, natural complexion. For me, this double-range brush is the perfect answer to the difficulties that all women face: pressing too much, taking too much color, doing tasks. Its "zero material" effect pressure control allows a natural, easy, stain-free, trace-free make-upMichel Limongi.
Technical features: Tuft: 2 lengths of synthetic fibers; Channel: PS; Decoration: screen printing

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