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Thursday February 9th, 2023
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MR Cartonnage acquires a new digital shaping machine

Specialist in high-end models and packaging, pioneer of digital printing and industrial-looking models, MR Cartonnage Numérique uses all its know-how in innovative printing techniques, pushing back the limits and constraints of business… thanks to digital technology.
Today, MR Digital Cartonnage is entering its 1st digital shaping stage, thanks to its latest machine acquisition, the Scodix Vernis Ultra Pro.
Now the screen-printing varnish can be applied digitally with the same advantages: no tools, therefore savings in cost and time.
Selective or total, with relief, 3D or Braille effects, it makes it possible to underline a marking, to complete a decoration or to create a grain on the entire surface of the case from satin to glossy.
Thanks to this new acquisition, the cases still gain in luxurious finishes, while keeping the reactivity of digital and the possibility of declining each packaging individually.

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