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Cosmetic Victories 2017: Cosmetic Valley awards young talents

Launched two years ago by Cosmetic Valley and supported by an endowment fund set up in partnership with ESSEC, the Cosmetic Victories award two prizes: the Academic Prize and the Industry Prize. 200 projects were received this year from all over the world. These projects were submitted by scientists, industrialists, students, researchers, and managers of start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and included innovations in all areas of the perfumery and cosmetics industry: ingredients, formulation, testing, processes, packaging, chemistry, biotechnology, digital and distribution.
60 applications were examined and 6 were selected by the selection committee (3 per category).
The winners of each of the two prizes are chosen by a jury of qualified experts, including executives from the world's leading cosmetics groups, institutional players involved in supporting and financing innovation, researchers and start-ups.

The awards ceremony took place on June 22 at the LVMH Group headquarters in Paris, in the presence of Marc-Antoine Jamet, President of Cosmetic Valley, Jean-Luc Ansel, founder and CEO, jury members and numerous guests.
The winner of the Industrial Prize is Chloé GUERINa young second-year student at the Ecole de Biologie Industrielle de Cergy (EBI), and her working group for her Zéo projectan absorbent powder that dries hair 100% naturally and ultra-fast.

The Academic Prize was awarded to Eric RobertCNRS research director associated with the GREMI laboratory (joint venture between the University of Orléans and CNRS) for the project PlasmaJets, plasma-based equipment for anti-aging skin treatments using cold beams.

Winners receive a cash prize of 10,000 euros each, as well as support from the competitiveness cluster Cosmetic Valley which will include a presence at the international cosmetics innovation trade show Cosmetic 360 and support from the Cosmet'up, dedicated to accelerating innovative projects in the perfume and cosmetics industry.


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