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Natrue passes the 5,000 mark for certified products since 2009

Natrue is a flagship organization for the sector. Since 2009 and the first 400 certified products, the label has continued to expand across Europe and beyond. Today's 5,000 products testify to the strategic choice of 230 brands worldwide (Europe, Japan, USA, Australia, former Eastern Bloc countries, and more recently Russia, India, Lebanon, Thailand and Turkey). This influence demonstrates that the label is perfectly suited to the global demand for transparency in natural and organic cosmetics.
Natrue is the only truly representative organization for natural and organic cosmetics sitting on the European Commission Working Group on Cosmetic Products., as such, it can make its voice heard at the point where the development and future of European legislation on cosmetics are at stake

It all began with a body oil, the first product to be certified in 2009! The milestone reached at the beginning of 2017 is significant both in terms of its number (5,000 products) and in terms of the opportunity it provides to take stock on the main developments in this sector since the label was created.

-> Variety of certified productss :
For example, nail care products. The launch of Natrue-certified nail varnishes is a very recent milestone for the cosmetics industry. Until very recently, it seemed impossible to manufacture a nail polish that could be considered a natural product.
The full range of hair care products are now represented, whereas just a few years ago, the use of surfactants of natural origin could be problematic. Their foaming power sometimes left something to be desired, but the development of new raw materials, combined with ingredients of natural origin, has enabled the design of new products that are both effective and pleasant to use.
Multifunctional products (for example, to color and protect, like BB creams) are now available in certified versions. Women in a hurry who want an "all-in-one" product don't have to sacrifice their desire for naturalness for practicality.
Men's products deserve a special mention. In addition to shaving products, natural and organic brands now offer shower gels and shampoos specially designed for men.
Perfumed waters directly from nature are also a recent innovation.
-> Formulation trends : an interesting development involves sourcing active ingredients from all over the world: extracts and resins from Latin America, berries from Scandinavia, shea butter and African plant extracts (such as Kigelia extract)and the rediscovery new ways of exploiting local, sometimes common ingredients: olives, pine and conifer resin, aloe vera, and their derivatives.
-> Growing consumer interest in labelled products. For natural and organic, but also fair trade, vegan or halal. It has become commonplace to see several labels on the same product. In the midst of this emergence, the confirmed success of Natrue is due to criteria that go far beyond a simple fashion effect.
-> Natrue label guarantees
An independent Scientific Committee defines the accepted ingredients and the minimum and maximum thresholds to guarantee maximum naturalness and a minimum of ingredients derived from natural ingredients.
Accredited certification bodies are independent and oversee various certifications (cosmetics, food, textiles, sustainable development).
Verification of compliance with Natrue criteria takes place in two stages: a formulation check followed by an on-site visit. Renewal takes place every two years. Another organization assesses certifiers every 4 years, to verify the competence of the bodies responsible for certification.
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