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Sunday 11 June 2023
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New biodegradable guar-based polymers for beauty care

The Solvay group extends its range of biodegradable ingredients with two guar-based functional polymers for eco-responsible hair and body care products.

Solvay, a global specialist in naturally derived beauty care polymers, completes its range of guar-based biodegradable solutions presented in December 2021, with two new polymers - a thickener and a conditioning agent - for beauty care. These new ingredients - Jaguar NAT SGI and Jaguar Excel, will enable beauty brands to meet the most stringent global regulations, and satisfy consumers' growing needs for more responsible and sustainable beauty products.

"Until recently, the availability of biodegradable functional polymers was limited, explains Jean-Guy Le-Helloco, Vice President Home & Personal Care at Solvay. With our biodegradable ingredients in the Jaguar range, formulators now have ingredients that enable them to expand their range of more responsible hair and body care products."

In addition to the new biodegradable ingredients for the Jaguar range, Solvay's experts have developed the "Beauty Biodeg Score" which grades its products from A to D based on OECD guidelines.1. The two new polymers meet the most demanding criteria2 in terms of biodegradability: Jaguar NAT SGI, a thickener, achieves an A rating (classified as "readily biodegradable"); Jaguar Excel, a conditioning agent, achieves a B rating (classified as "inherently ultimately biodegradable"). They complete the product range, which already includes Jaguar HP-8 COS SGI thickener and Jaguar C500 STD conditioning agent, both rated B. Typical applications include shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, styling gels, shower gels and body scrubs. They will be presented on the Solvay stand at the in-cosmetics world trade fair from April 5 to 7 in Paris.

"By assigning a biodegradability rating to our products, we help our stakeholders appreciate the rapid progress Solvay is making in developing biodegradable and sustainable products with full and transparent traceability. adds Galder Cristobal, Director of Home and Personal Care Research and Innovation at Solvay. We have entered an unprecedented phase of innovation with these new biodegradable polymers. And we are investing in advanced biodegradation tests for new-generation cosmetics ingredients. The new biodegradable ingredients in the Jaguar range mark the beginning of this adventure.

The guar beans used in the manufacture of Jaguar polymers are a renewable natural resource, sourced in part from Solvay's Sustainable Guar Initiative (SGI) in Rajasthan, India, which aims to :

  • implement best agricultural practices to improve guar quality and secure its supply, while preserving the water resources needed for its cultivation
  • enable farmers to earn a better living
  • encourage women's emancipation at local level.

Solvay's commitment to sustainable beauty is at the heart of Beauty for the Planet, an initiative that aims to provide sustainable beauty ingredients, suitable for consumers and the environment, through innovation and partnerships with customers.

  1. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. 
  2. Complies with OECD 301 F and OECD 302 B guidelines.
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