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Technature's new machine: hydrogel in a jar

Technature, Europe's leading manufacturer of natural hydrogels, proudly announces the addition of a new specialized machine to its production arsenal. 

As Europe's only hydrogel manufacturer for 10 years, Technature continues to push the boundaries of innovation, investing in state-of-the-art equipment to meet the growing demand for hydrogel masks and patches.

The natural matrix of Technature hydrogels

At the heart of this technological breakthrough is a matrix of carrageenans, polysaccharides extracted from the cell walls of red algae. This unique composition enables the creation of fresh film-forming gels, promoting optimal diffusion of the integrated active ingredients. Thanks to this property, Technature has developed a diversified range of hydrogel masks and patches.

Whether in the form of a face mask or eye contour patches, these hydrogels stand out for their exceptional adaptability to all facial shapes, acting like a second skin.

More options, more possibilities

Technature is now expanding its range with more options and packaging. In addition to traditional sachets, hydrogel patches will now be available in jars, offering a practical and versatile solution.

Customized to your needs

As always, Technature offers the possibility of customizing hydrogel masks and patches to meet specific customer needs, whether in terms of shape, formulation or integration of specific active ingredients.

A breakthrough that testifies to the company's ongoing commitment to meeting specific market needs while pushing back the frontiers of innovation in skincare.

The company continues to push back the frontiers of innovation, staying true to its mission of providing exceptional skincare solutions.

For more information on Technature products and services : click here

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ZAC de Lannuzel - 29460 Dirinon France
+33 (0)2 98 07 17 69
[email protected]

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