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Aptar Beauty offers a new integrated service, from formulation to packaging

Aptar Beauty launches a new integrated service: Turnkey Solutions by Aptar, an offering deployed in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The aim is to support brands from product design to market launch.

As a global specialist in distribution systems, Aptar Beauty aims to support its customers and anchor its business in the field of co-development.

By deploying Turnkey Solutions, the company adds to its expertise the ability to design advanced formulations thanks to an in-house laboratory and a network of partners, and know-how in qualitative packaging.

Made to measure...

"Customers have been asking us to expand our value proposition to include formula expertise. With Turnkey Solutions by Aptar, we are now able to offer a complete beauty service for brands of all types and sizes."explains Benoit Mirandel, Director of Turnkey Solutions.

Turnkey Solutions is based near Paris. According to Aptar Beauty, Turnkey Solutions benefits from the agility and speed of a start-up backed by the industrial resources of a benchmark group.

The service will draw on the expertise and know-how of Fusion Beauty Lab, an in-house laboratory located in New Jersey, USA. The two laboratories will share their expertise and resources.

"We are a dynamic collective of brand disruptors and gas pedals, specializing in all aspects of product development, from formulation and packaging, to regulation and execution. As part of the Aptar family, we have the know-how, industrial capacity and infrastructure of a multinational beauty company, but we also identify with the forward-thinking of young independent brands."says Savéria Guelfucci, Marketing Manager.

Turnkey Solutions targets start-ups and independent companies as well as well-known brands and groups, offering industrial resources and expertise.

Aptar's continuous progress in sustainability is integrated: the packaging offered is eco-designed; eco-responsible options - PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic) materials, metal-free pumps, refill formats - are favored. Aptar's processes also take into account the circular economy, reducing carbon emissions and lowering the overall impact of products.

... to ready-to-use

Aptar Beauty is also offering its customers a first ready-to-use collection, called New Dawn, to further accelerate time-to-market.

The collection includes treatments tailored to the specific needs of the most in-demand segments, with, according to Aptar Beauty, "new textures and gestures for a complete sensory experience."

Made in France to responsible beauty standards, New Dawn products are cruelty-free, vegan, mainly based on natural ingredients and packaged in premium packaging.

The New Dawn collection includes :

  • Boost Me Up, with a milky-textured anti-pollution cleansing gel and an AHA skin-illuminating serum
  • Drop Me Up, with apricot, raspberry and baobab oils for skin, hair and beard care
  • Face Me Up, with a purifying mask and a moisturizing face mask
  • Hair Me Up, with a soothing, moisturizing mask for scalp and hair
  • Bubble Me Up, with a moisturizing and comforting gel activator.

With Turnkey Solutions, Aptar Beauty aims to offer a range of services tailored to the changing needs of both start-ups and long-established brands, in terms of responsiveness, innovation, eco-responsibility, efficiency and quality.

Photo from the Turnkey Solutions presentation video.

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