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Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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New anti-pollution hair active ingredient 100% of plant origin

Berkem Extraction will present on in-cosmetics its new anti-pollution active ingredient: Urban'Hair

Today, more than nine out of ten people live in a polluted atmosphere. This pollution is a real invisible plague that attacks organisms. The skin, hair and scalp are particularly exposed, especially during urban travel.

With its expertise in plant extraction, Berkem has developed an objectified extract from raspberry leaves, Urban'Hair. This new active ingredient, resulting from reasoned agriculture, helps to fight against the fixing of pollution particles on the hair. Its action also helps soothe the scalp, which can be irritated by pollution. The hair is shinier and less brittle, the scalp is soothed.

To be used between 1 and 3% in hair product formulations (hair, beards, body hair, etc.)


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