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Omya focuses on waterless solutions based on natural and sustainable ingredients

Waterless formulations are a trend with multiple benefits, not only for consumers, but also for manufacturers and the environment. At in-Cosmetics Global, Omya presented prototypes of environmentally friendly waterless solutions based on natural minerals. These formulations for skin, mouth and hair care, as well as make-up, not only reduce water consumption during production, but also packaging and transportation costs, resulting in a reduced CO2 footprint.

The functionality of the advanced mineral particles allows for easy manufacturing while being highly effective. In addition, the natural and safe applications promise a long shelf life without the use of aggressive preservatives.

With a growing world population, water is becoming an increasingly precious resource, while the environmental impact of traditional cosmetic applications is no longer acceptable to most consumers. Therefore, the shift to innovative and more environmentally friendly concepts is an unstoppable trend. Omya is constantly looking for the best ways to meet the technical challenges of solid and water-reduced personal care and oral care products, while remaining natural and effective. The results were presented at in-Cosmetics Global in Barcelona: Advanced minerals such as Omyaskin and Omyadent particles are the basis for prototypes such as dental tablets and powders for remineralization and desensitization, toothpastes containing charcoal, waterless detox masks and solid make-up removers. A sensory center at the booth allowed visitors to see and smell the formulations, all of which are easy to disperse and apply. The natural ingredients also have moisturizing and protective properties for optimal skin health.

The booth also featured Cosmospheres, a solution based on natural ingredients that concentrates actives and ensures their release during application while creating attractive visual effects. Suitable for all kinds of personal care formulations, the cellulose beads can hold liquid or powder actives in suspension in colored spheres in all kinds of products containing water. Available in several colors, the inflated Cosmospheres maintain their spherical shape throughout the shelf life of the final product. A light rubbing during application then allows the spheres to break up and release their contents, without leaving any residue. Charcoal Cosmospheres toothpaste was on display at in-Cosmetics, while many other formulations could be discussed with Omya's experts.

For the creation of complete solutions tailored to current consumer demand, Omya offers a broad distribution portfolio that includes, among others, natural colorants for decorative cosmetics. For example, a trendy palette of dispersible reds based on radish, sweet potato or elderberry was presented at the show.

Stefan Lander, Vice President Consumer Goods, Group Sales & Marketing at Omya, says: " We believe that our technical expertise gives us the opportunity to develop cosmetic products that are good for the consumer and for the environment. We are proud to contribute to pioneering solutions that respect nature, biodiversity and the importance of human health, while supporting our customers' manufacturing processes.

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