Crodarom Wins Responsible Care Trophy Industry Mediterranean Chemistry

Sederma SA - Croda International

Crodarom wins the 5th Responsible Care Industry Mediterranean Chemistry 2019 Trophy in the Health category for its involvement in setting up wellness days at work.
The Responsible Care Trophies are a way to stimulate and highlight initiatives, best practices and best management systems. 

These trophies come in 5 categories: CSR / Health / Safety / Environment / Energy.They reward, at the national level, approaches, actions, remarkable and innovative achievements scattered throughout the territories. Since the first edition of the trophies, more than 200 files have been presented that demonstrate the strength of the industry and its commitment to the process.
This Health Trophy aims to reward efforts to improve employee health, quality of life at work, health around the site, health impacts related to products. 

 The jury was composed of 8 people including ADEME, DREAL, France Mediterranean Chemistry... and award-winning files based on 5 criteria: innovation, exemplarity, staff involvement, efficiency, communication.
Goal 3 of sustainable development is specifically dedicated to health and well-being. It aims to "enable everyone to live healthy lives and promote the well-being of all at all ages."
Always keen to offer favourable working conditions to its employees, Crodarom has been encouraging a family atmosphere within its corporate culture since its inception with numerous annual events. To go further, since 2018, the company has set up days dedicated to well-being, stress management and addiction prevention.

 The objective of these wellness days was to make employees aware of psychosocial risks and to positively stimulate a collective climate and motivation at work. The company wishes to change the personal and collective perception of the professional sphere by giving employees the tools to avoid the physical, psychological and emotional consequences that can be generated by the demands of work and personal contexts. The activities offered during these days were selected to respond to these different challenges. Many activities and workshops were offered such as:

Physical activities to remind people of the health and well-being of sport,
Workshops led by a dietician, an osteopath, a sophrologist, a yoga teacher
Intervention on sleep and addictions by a doctor and an occupational psychologist
Video projection on stress... 

With 55 participating employees out of 70, the results are very positive. The employees appreciated the change of framework as well as the exchange, sharing and discovery ... 

In 2018, Crodarom signed the Global Responsible Care® Charter, a joint commitment of the global chemical industry to the safe management of chemicals throughout their life cycle and promoting their role in improving quality. of life and their contribution to sustainable development.