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Friday, July 1, 2022
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Orlandi and PO Groupe offer recyclable scented paper


Joining forces to be stronger, faster and more efficient in the deployment of its CSR policies is the sustainability strategy implemented by the two SMEs Orlandi and PO Groupe. The challenge is to offer the perfume industry high-performance products that respect the environment by relying on each other's know-how.

A "win-win" alliance

Today, the entire perfume industry is mobilized from the design of formulas to the recyclability of packaging. "The small size of our companies gives us the opportunity to be agile and therefore quick to respond to this essential" state the two players in unison. “We do not have the same means at our disposal as the large groups to develop a CSR strategy on all fronts, so it is essential to join forces to pool our energy, our resources and our talents in the search for solutions. "

The PO Groupe company has technical expertise to carry out on paper or cardboard supports, finishing techniques by embossing, gilding, lamination, varnish, screen printing and cutting. Proud of its artisanal model, since 2012 it has been offering innovative technology and technical expertise in printing and perfuming paper-cardboard intended for communication and olfactory marketing. An innovation characterized by a perfect mastery of the interactions between the support, the inks and the perfume. PO Groupe is already supporting certain projects for the entire profession among the most prestigious brands that appreciate its creativity, ingenuity and spirit of innovation.

For its part, Orlandi has know-how in perfume sampling as well as a real knowledge of customers in the perfume and cosmetics sector and more particularly of "luxury" that it has been supporting for several decades in its strategies. communication and olfactory marketing on all distribution channels.

"Orlandi's expertise in commercial development and marketing, coupled with the mastery of PO Groupe's production, allows us to offer the perfume industry an olfactory marketing solution capable of supporting their CSR policy and meeting consumers' wishes" underlines Philippe Ughetto Senior VP of Orlandi EMEA.

“Our technical solutions have recently been assessed as recyclable by customers and by CEREC (Committee for the Evaluation of Recyclability of Paper-Cardboard Packaging). In addition, PO has 3 production subsidiaries in France for the design / manufacture and delivery of its products, thus guaranteeing a short and local circuit made in France ”, specifies Benoît Frassaint CEO of PO Groupe.

This common initiative, which accompanies the CSR efforts and policies already implemented by each partner, promises to be a real accelerator, the promise of a lever for growth and sustainability.

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