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Tuesday December 6th, 2022
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Paco Rabanne celebrates fathers with a variation of boxes signed Cosfibel

Six models of boxes for six fragrances: Paco Rabanne is launching a tin collection for Father's Day. Cosfibel ensured its development and perfected, for the occasion, a specific perforation process.

Identical in design, these metal boxes adopt a color and product composition specific to each of these six fragrances: One Million, Invictus, Black XS, One Million Lucky, Pure XS and Invictus Legend. Simple in shape, this box has a cover held on the base by a groove. Inside, the products are held by a shiny black APET wedge. The box is printed in offset and entirely protected by a varnish applied in flexo.

The art of perforation

The technicality is housed in the decoration of the cover made by perforations, that is to say 2521 holes of two different sizes to underline the PR monogram.

The realization took place thanks to the development of a specific tool.

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