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Polaar Men: polar assets

The story of Polaar takes the form of a family saga whose origins lie in the snowy scenery of the most remote regions of the world

From the Arctic to the Antarctic, alongside his polar explorer parents, Daniel Kurbiel, founder, discovers the ability of arctic plants to survive in extreme conditions.

Its vision is to create skincare products based on polar active ingredients that are sensorial, respectful of all skin types and have a minimum impact on the planet. Polaar develops products with a gentle composition and collaborates since the beginning with the most important scientific organizations to preserve it.

Because men do not have the same skin types or the same needs, the brand has created a complete range (Polaar Men) composed of 6 care products made in France. They are made of polar active ingredients up to 100 % of natural origin.

Unprecedented ingredients

The brand insists on the particular sourcing of its assets. For example, the polar peptide to revitalize and strengthen the skin's barrier found in its anti-aging care. Red algae are able to survive extreme conditions and develop an arctic peptide that strengthens the skin's barrier, optimizes cell regeneration, natural hydration and collagen production.

The Siberian ginseng for its part is used to tone and revitalize and is found in the eye contour care. This root grows in the undergrowth of the great expanses of the Tundra. More concentrated in micronutrients, ginseng stimulates the body to increase its resistance and vitality. Its extract comes from a controlled culture intended to preserve the rare purity of its environment.

Still in Siberia, the olive tree is used to regenerate and fight against free radicals. It is used in the formula of the cream of the extreme. Each small berry of this shrub contains more than 108 natural active elements including an unequalled concentration of vitamins: 30 times more
vitamin C than a single orange! It is an ally in the fight against free radicals, photoaging and dehydration.

The Arctic lichen is present both in the soapthe deodorant and shower gel . This small bushy shrub is able to resist to strong droughts and great temperature variations (70º). Thanks to its antimicrobial and immuno-stimulating properties, it helps to detoxify and purify the cells of the epidermis.

And in use?

The message carried by the range is flattering, transforming each consumer into an extreme adventurer, while taking care of the planet. The speech is consistent with the production and packaging in recycled and recyclable cardboard, from sustainably managed forests. The interior of the packaging includes a map of the poles to really transport you to the expedition!

The skincare products are pleasant to apply and last throughout the day.
The all-in-one soap (body, face, hair) is also effective. And it's easy to imagine yourself in your bathroom in the middle of a polar mission, having to reduce your load and having had the good idea to find a multi-purpose cosmetic. As often with this kind of products, the feeling left on the hair is not as silky as with a classic shampoo.
The deodorant for its part is not as successful as the rest of the range. The effectiveness is not there for the agitated situations. The application of the stick frankly lacks slipperiness and can even be unpleasant...

In summary, this new brand uses a universe not common to men's cosmetics and bets on innovative and new active ingredients. Despite the drawback concerning its "trapper's deo", it is a great success to be praised.


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