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Saturday December 3rd, 2022
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Pure Trade adorns Mugler's boxes of gold and silver for Mother's Day

For 25 years, Pure Trade has been designing high-end packaging, luggage and accessories items that promote prestigious international beauty and cosmetics brands.

One of his latest projects: adorning Mugler's boxes with gold and silver for Mother's Day 2021. In the spotlight: the astral theme.

Pure Trade declines the horoscope for Alien and Angel by Mugler, in gold (Alien) and silver (Angel) tones obtained by hot stamping. Discreet and delicate, the decor emphasizes the quality and complexity of the cardboard boxes. The bottles and assorted cosmetics are displayed on a tray closed by an elastic band and in a drawer that opens with a metal tassel.

The bottles are refilled at the Fontaine Mugler, thus meeting the brand's CSR commitments.

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