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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Lipoid Kosmetik benefits from the clarity provided by MyMicrobiome


Lipoid Kosmetik announces that three of its cosmetic active ingredients have been recognized with the “microbiome-friendly” quality label according to the MyMicrobiome 18.10 standard.

MyMicrobiome is an independent control body verifying the impacts of products on the skin microbiome. Three products from Lipoid Kosmetik have been scientifically tested and certified:

  • Yogurtolin: prebiotic and refreshing treatment for sensitive skin
  • Cranberry Pro: natural biofilm control
  • Us Neo: widely applicable antimicrobial system

The number of cosmetic products with microbiome claims is increasing and consumers are beginning to recognize the importance of the skin microbiota. Consumers, however, often lack the scientific knowledge to make purchasing decisions. Therefore, a uniform standard or label that gives consumers direction and confidence was expected.

MyMicrobiome 18.10 is the world's first standard that certifies microbiome-friendly products. It is based on a scientific and independent examination of the influence of the products on all aspects of the skin microbiota, including the balance, diversity and growth behavior of microbes. The standard uses a conclusive and transparent seal of approval that brings clarity to consumers.

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