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Renaissance of Bienaimé 1935, beauty house


A century has almost passed since its inception. Today, thanks to Cécilia Mergui, the Maison Bienaimé regains its letters of nobility. The opportunity to dive into his dreamlike and poetic universe where past and present combine to offer you an immersion in the heart of eternal beauty.

1935, Robert Bienaimé, avant-garde and daring perfumer, creates his eponymous brand, a perfume and cosmetics house combining the creativity of an artist with the prowess of an outstanding technician.

1960, the brand is put to sleep following the death of its founder.

2021, Cécilia Mergui brings this sleeping beauty back to life in the respect of the heritage of its creator. Through the revival of the Bienaimé brand, the idea is to perpetuate the wonder that these treasures with timeless charm provide and create a sensory experience that arouses emotion, that of a sweet nostalgia.

The Bienaimé perfume: celebrating French know-how, its bottle is made in Normandy by a manufacture of excellence, classified as a "living heritage company". Handmade, each piece is unique and thought with refinement to elegantly dress your interior.

Solid soap: Bienaimé soap benefits from an elegant fluted shape favoring, depending on the brand, a gentle massage of the palm of the hand. It is available in the three iconic Bienaimé fragrances.

Liquid soap: made in the old-fashioned way, known as "de Marseille", Bienaimé liquid soap has "a fine and creamy texture" that "melts deliciously on the skin, leaving a soft and fresh wake after each use."

Refills: refill bottles, fully recyclable, allow to fill the bottle of liquid soap 200ml and the bottle of perfume 75ml. They are accompanied by a funnel.

The dreamlike balm: an alliance of two oils, the balm metamorphoses, on application, into a dry oil that will be quickly absorbed.

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