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L'Oréal and Cosmo International Fragrances unleash the olfactory power of natural ingredients through green science

The L'Oréal group today announced an exclusive and unprecedented partnership with Cosmo International Fragrances. The aim is to develop an extraction process based on green science. This technology promises to revolutionize the art of fine perfumery. Developed by Cosmo International Fragrances and made available exclusively to L'Oréal, this patent-pending process uses a slow, water-free, low-energy extraction. It reveals the exact scent of an ingredient while preserving its integrity. It relies on green science to push back olfactory frontiers, considerably expanding the perfumer's olfactory palette with pure, natural 100 % extracts.

"We're delighted to be partnering with Cosmo International Fragrances, and that the power of Open Innovation will enable us to go "from field to fragrance" while honoring the sustainability commitments of our L'Oréal for the Future program. With this green extraction process, we can capture the olfactory power of flowers in all their authenticity, as if we were walking through a garden, a field or a forest, said Barbara Lavernos, Executive Vice President, Research, Innovation and Technology at L'Oréal. With over 100 perfumery experts within the group, this exclusive partnership is a masterstroke at the very heart of the perfume industry."

L'Oréal and Cosmo International Fragrances share the same vision: to create luxury fragrances using innovative, sustainable methods that enhance natural ingredients while limiting environmental impact. Using only air, this technology exploits the fragrant volatile molecules of flowers, fruits and other natural ingredients, without resorting to traditional distillation processes or the use of chemical solvents. Flowers retain their integrity and can be recycled and reused in a second extraction, helping to reduce waste.

"Perfumers dreamed of it: creating fragrances with authentic scents has become a reality, the ultimate luxury in quality! With Cosmo International Fragrances, our brands can explore new creative avenues, letting natural ingredients reveal their full olfactory identity.said Cyril Chapuy, General Manager of L'Oréal Luxe. As the world leader in luxury fragrances, we are committed to ensuring that the entire fragrance value chain is sustainable. It's not just a choice: it's a conviction. From the selection of ingredients to the use of refills, we innovate at every stage to reduce our impact and move towards a more responsible model. This partnership with Cosmo International Fragrances allows us to usher in a new creative era for our luxury fragrances."

"We're delighted to be working with our long-standing partner, L'Oréal, which is particularly well placed to harness the transformative capabilities of green science to produce fragrances on a large scale, said Marc Blaison, President of Cosmo International Fragrances. The combination of our expertise in luxury perfumery and our shared commitment to preserving the planet will enable us to offer perfume lovers the world over exceptional olfactory creations, produced responsibly thanks to a perfectly controlled process."

In a booming market where consumers are looking for unique accords and novelties, the first collaboration will involve the creation of a fragrance incorporating the natural floral signature of tuberose. Its launch is scheduled for 2024.

Photo: © Agence Odds

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