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Givaudan's ScalpSure combats the roots of bad hair odour

Givaudan, a global player in perfumery and beauty, launches ScalpSure, its new technology for creating fragrances that counteract unpleasant scalp odors and deliver a fragrance experience validated by both experts and consumers.

With 61 % of people worldwide affected by perspiration or bad scalp odor¹, ScalpSure tackles this multifactorial problem, which can be exacerbated by air pollution, stress and head coverings. A new addition to Givaudan's Zap portfolio (its platform of multi-category solutions to address malodours), ScalpSure has been extensively researched to meet this prevalent demand.

Consumers were involved in the development of ScalpSure from the earliest stages of research. Based on an analysis of the olfactory challenge headspace collected directly from consumers' hair, Givaudan's malodour research teams at the Centre of Excellence for Health and Wellbeing in Ashford (UK), alongside olfaction experts, were able to develop the most realistic scalp malodour model.

Using this olfactory reconstruction as a precise framework for developing a solution, Givaudan's perfumers scrutinized the behavior of perfumery ingredients and fragrance formulas to determine the best solutions for effectively countering the build-up of unpleasant odors on the scalp.

"ScalpSure's highly consumer-centric approach ensures a better understanding of the challenges associated with unpleasant odors on the scalp, and greater awareness of how best to design solutions. ScalpSure's superior efficacy in combating unpleasant odors has been demonstrated by a holistic validation methodology consisting of olfactory experts, sensory panelists and consumers themselves, through home use tests conducted on an interregional scale."says Jessica Jiang, Senior Fragrance Designer for Personal Care Products.

"The challenge in designing an effective fragrance for hair care is to create a beautiful scent that delights consumers while addressing their concerns. The fragrance must offer an impactful and pleasant olfactory experience while effectively suppressing unpleasant scalp odors. The ScalpSure design tool helps perfumers tailor fragrances that successfully banish unwanted scalp odors. By combining hedonic and performance criteria, ScalpSure fragrance guidelines offer perfumers an innovative tool to ensure consumer satisfaction."says Sophie Rhodes, Senior Personal Care Perfumer.

1. Project Reveal, 2016, percentage of men and women concerned about bad hair odor.

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