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Tuesday October 3, 2023
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Sebastien Lacouture, perfumer for Scentmate by Firmenich, wins the "Best Perfume" award at the Concours International de la Mouillette d'Argent.

Sebastien Lacouture, perfumer at Scentmate by Firmenich, was awarded the prize for best perfume at the Concours international de la Mouillette d'Argent 2023 for his fragrance Bergamotte Torrefiee. As winner, he also took home the Rosendo Mateu prize.
Lacouture has twenty years' experience in the industry and currently works as a perfumer at Scentmate by Firmenich, creating exceptional fragrances according to his customers' needs. Bergamotte Torrefiee is based on a vibrant duality between the sparkling freshness of bergamot and the warm spirit of roasted coffee beans. The result is a unique balance of fresh and warm sensations, both dynamic and welcoming, with great persistence.

Lacouture's creation was chosen from among a hundred participants from 25 different countries, who based their fragrances on the olfactory note of the year, bergamot, after a final and exhaustive pre-selection by a jury presided over by master perfumer Ramón Monegal, a full member of the prestigious Académie du Parfum, which brings together some of the world's best Spanish-speaking perfumers.

The jury was rounded out by experts from the world of perfume, art, design and gastronomy, including the three winners of the 2022 edition, Jessica Mignot (Nez), Elizabeth Vidal de Puig, Irene Gisbert (Ainea Perfums), sommelier César Cánovas, architect Susanna Cots, Charo Moreno (Beautyprof) and youtubers Andrés Croxatto and Juan López Becerril.

Euforia by Nina Lamaison also took the prize for best independent fragrance, while Sole Calabrese by Max Rossa won the People's Choice Award.

The Concours International de la Parfumerie celebrated its sixth edition, asserting itself as a meeting place for lovers of olfactory culture and a space for the discovery of young talent who wish to showcase their creative abilities.

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