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The new Jimmy Choo lip gloss and its zamak packaging produced by TNT Group

As part of the launch of the Lip Gloss collection SeductionJimmy Choo has chosen to work with TNT Group, an expert manufacturer of primary and secondary premium packaging. TNT Group had already cooperated in previous launches.

Jimmy Choo Beauty unveils a brand new reference. After the launch of the Perfume, the Nail Polish and the Lipstick, the long-lasting Lip Gloss is now available in ten satin shades, embodying elegance and femininity.

The sphere of the upper cap, common to both Lipstick and Lip Gloss, as well as the beveled lower cap are made of zamak, gold finish obtained by ecoating. The orientation was one of the challenges taken up by TNT Group. The zamak cap, worked in bevels defining a rhythmic geometric frieze, is perfectly aligned with the bottle. The Lip Gloss has a translucent stem in PetG (Glycolized Polyethylene Terephthalate) and an applicator in white PA (PolyAmide). The slim, two-piece bottle is made of translucent PetG to mimic a shaped crystal.

The detail of the Jimmy Choo logo is obtained by hot stamping. The Lip Gloss color references are screen printed. The bottom thickness of the translucent bottle in PetG (Glycolized Polyethylene Terephthalate) was a real challenge: TNT Group was able to avoid common aesthetic defects such as material flows and shrinkage.

The technical challenge lies in the hammered finish of the VAO ring, the Ral ball and the fragrance cap. This is done after injection of the component by a process developed especially for these references, and allowing the best combination of aesthetic rendering/quality finishing treatment. The gold anodized aluminum decorative plates with the logo in hollow also required precision and meticulous polishing. The VAO plate is particularly delicate because of its ski shape.

Lipstick The cap in tinted plastic with an insert also tinted in the mass is adorned with an aluminum plate anodized gold and marked with the Jimmy Choo logo in hollow. A section plate in zamak with gold E-coating completes the set. The base consists of a gold anodized aluminum part with a PP insert tinted in the mass and a hammered zamak ball with a gold E-coating finish. All three are assembled by bouterollage.

VAO The hood is made of plastic tinted in the mass, with an insert also tinted in the mass. It is covered with a matt varnish. The gold anodized aluminum plate is decorated with the logo in hollow. The textured zamak ring is finished with a gold E-coating. TNT Global Manufacturing assembled the brush to deliver a ready-to-fit assembly to the bottle.

Fragrances The cover is in textured zamak with gold E-coating, and the insert is tinted in the mass and bouterollé. The fret is made of gold anodized aluminum, with a chimney and a crimped plate. The logo in hollow and a serigraphy decorate a plate in gold anodized aluminum.

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