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Tuesday October 3, 2023
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Serge Lutens calls on The Oz to rethink its e-commerce experience

The Serge Lutens brand has chosen The Oz to help optimize its digital and e-commerce offering, including the redesign of its French, European, US and UK sites.

Founded in 2008, The Oz (formerly The Other Store) advises and supports brands in fully exploiting their digital sales potential by developing unique expertise in omnichannel e-commerce.

With the internationalization of its business, Serge Lutens is looking to accelerate its e-commerce development and offer visitors to its website an experience tailored to the specific needs of consumers in each of these four zones, as an extension of what the brand already offers in-store: a voyage of the senses in a veritable showcase of luxury.

An emblematic universe and experience

Steeped in Eastern cultures, notably Japan and Morocco, Serge Lutens captures the essence of these cultures in his creations.

Going against the grain of the beauty industry, Serge Lutens attaches particular importance to the experience it offers its customers. in situ A resolutely different and original approach.

The brand chose The Oz for its digitalization. Its mission: to reproduce the essence of Serge Lutens, with its japanese lines and Moroccan colors, on the web, while offering online visitors a smooth, pleasant browsing and sales experience. Four websites are involved: the French and European markets, as well as the UK and US markets.

Relying on the expertise of The Oz, Serge Lutens intends to anchor its brand in an efficient and comprehensive e-commerce experience: from acquisition strategy (SEA, SEO, CRM...) to replateformring from Magento to Shopify, including inventory management, e-merchandising, sales and marketing action plan. Serge Lutens aims to accelerate its online growth.

" The last redesign of the Serge Lutens sites took place in 2018, over 5 years ago and above all before Covid, so it was quite natural for us to begin this project with The Oz. While we had substantial specifications and time constraints linked to the approach of the end of the year - an unavoidable commercial highlight for our business - The Oz enabled us to bring to fruition a unique user experience, responding to the specific expectations of consumers in four distinct geographical zones, thanks to a new design and rethought ergonomics, as well as new services for our customers, all while faithfully respecting the creative DNA of our brand. This has enabled us to generate growth of almost 30 % over the previous year, and our traffic and conversion rates are experiencing a similar dynamic. "says Cécile Robin, eBusiness Director EMEA for the Shiseido Group.

The Oz conquers new markets

The Oz's support is based on a panel of Shopify and proprietary modules and tech tools to enable companies to develop new business opportunities, build customer loyalty and reach their full digital potential.

For nearly 14 years, The Oz, which has been awarded the distinction of Shopify Plus Partner, has supported major French and international brands in the deployment of their online sales business: Des Petits Hauts, Déco Cuir, Cyrillus, Gérard Darel, la fée maraboutée... and is now strengthening its beauty expertise by supporting the Serge Lutens brand in the optimization of its e-commerce offering.

" We're very excited about this collaboration with Serge Lutens, an absolute reference in the world of fragrance and beauty, a sector for which the experience provided to its customers is a major issue. As e-commerce experts, we have a clear role to play in this market in "converting" this experience from the physical to the digital, which is perfectly in line with our strategy of conquering new territories. "comments David Sobel, co-founder of The Oz.

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