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S'Young International helps European brands enter the Chinese market

Since 2018, S'Young International has been supporting beauty brands to navigate the Chinese market - Evidens De Beaute (France), Pier Augé, Memo Paris (France), Lierac (France), Jo Loves (UK), Zelens (UK), Lord & Berry (Italy), Kiko (Italy), Lumene (Finland), Mesoestetic (Spain), Natasha Denona (USA), Cellex-C (Canada).

To celebrate the success of the brands it supports and the opening of its campus in Changsha (improved headquarters), S'Young International organized a "Festival of Brands" in April. Customized ceremonies were created for four of our supported brands: Evidens de Beauté, Lumene, Lord & Berry and Pier Augé. 

During the festival, S'Young International CEO Marshall Chen talked about the success of Evidens De Beauté and Pier Augé (which the Group acquired in 2020). Both brands are enjoying real success in China, thanks to S'Young International and in particular Pier Augé, which had virtually disappeared from the beauty market. 

"We are delighted that our partner brands have come to S'Young City to commemorate the completion of our new campus and our close partnerships. This festival has been specially designed to celebrate the success of our partner brands by showcasing their uniqueness and product portfolios against our most prestigious distributors and key opinion leaders here in China. This will enable more partners and consumers to understand these foreign brands and develop them to their full potential here in China," said Marshall Chen.

According to the company, S'Young International is the leading Chinese partner for international beauty brands seeking to penetrate the Chinese beauty market. The company's beauty brands are worth an estimated 110 billion euros.

The great success of Pier Augé x S'Young International

In 1961, Pier Augé, the French luxury beauty brand, was launched and enjoyed some success in its own market. During the 1980s and 1990s, as competition between French beauty brands intensified, the brand's over-reliance on brand awareness and lack of investment in digital and marketing led to bankruptcy and its acquisition in 2020 by S'Young International. 

In 2021, S'Young International and the brand formed a partnership to introduce Pier Augé to the Chinese market and turn around the brand's fortunes.

The S'Young International group is committed to respecting the brand's concept and heritage, while presenting it to Chinese consumers in a way that appeals to them. 

Pier Augé was able to shape the success of its flagship product "Douce Aura" into the number-one international cream on TMall global. Thanks to the support of S'Young International, Pier Augé achieved sales of $1 million in its first 18 months, and brand awareness increased by 536 % in 2022. 

According to the Chinese group, S'Young International enabled the brand to reach millions of consumers and gain exposure worth 59 million euros.

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