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Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Silab acquires new in-house training centre


After two years of work, Silab is now receiving the keys to its new building built on its unique site in the Brive conurbation (Corrèze), integrating an internal training center, one of the pillars of the company's strategy.

This contemporary architectural work with an area of 4,500 m2 is composed of 4 levels and an amphitheater that can accommodate 200 people. It concludes a three-year investment program of 30 million euros, initiated by projects of an industrial nature. This unique place focused on continuing education testifies to the company's strong desire to develop talents, in a scientific and technological environment driven by innovation.

Silab is indeed pursuing an ambitious training policy. The company devotes significant human and material resources to developing the skills of its teams: 7% of gross payroll is invested there each year. This represents 10,000 hours of annual training, broken down into more than 120 multidisciplinary modules, made possible thanks to the investment of around fifty internal trainers.

This in-house training center reinforces this dynamic and provides employees with equipped rooms, specialized laboratories and high-performance educational tools to meet the challenges of sustainable growth for Silab for the years to come. Jean Paufique, CEO, founder of Silab, explains: “The strength of our development is based on innovation, itself driven by our expert teams. This is why we surround ourselves with the best employees and we strive to offer them motivating working conditions, to promote their professional well-being and to offer quality continuing education. We have a duty to train our employees in the face of the rapid development of our professions. This investment in skills is a necessary condition for our continued development. "

This new building, designed by the architecture firm Intramuros, responds to Silab's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It offers employees optimized lighting, acoustics and ergonomics as well as access to advanced digital technologies. It also brings together the most stringent environmental criteria, including in particular photovoltaic panels on the roof. In addition, the company made sure to call on local service providers whenever possible (75% of the companies that took part in the project are located within 100 km).

These new spacious premises also house support services, allowing the Research Center, a true engine of innovation, to continue to develop. This achievement will contribute to sustainably amplifying the recognized agility of the company, which makes it a point of honor to bring together all of its activities (R&D, production, support) on its single site.

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