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Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Stoelzle Masnières signs the technical performance of Jimmy Choo's I want Choo bottle

Resolutely evocative, the name of this new perfume Jimmy Choo was born from a play on words which, through the magic of English phonetics, simultaneously refers to the name of the brand ("I Want Choo": "Je Veux Choo "), As well as the nature of the perfume and the bold and determined personality of the Jimmy Choo woman (" I Want You ":" Je Te Veux "). Sonia Constant, Antoine Maisondieu and Louise Turner, a talented trio of perfumers who have worked to compose around the red lily a harmonious formula that evokes all the facets of the Jimmy Choo woman.

I Want Choo is a dazzling oriental floral composition, an addictive and seductive fragrance.

Like the other creations of the House, the bottle was designed by the Agence Objets de Convoitises as an object of seduction, its faceted glass plays with light and reveals the delicate and ultra-feminine peach tone of the perfume.

The first technical challenge was to obtain a significant narrowing of the neck for this form of bottle with a very high corset, to pass the glass and to obtain the shoulder in surface quality in order to give the expected result and to ensure the good adjustment of the corking.

The flatness of the face has been the subject of a tolerance reduction in order to guarantee an easy application of the JC monogram. The distribution of glass at the back gives all the dynamic foundation of this line slightly raised on each side.

The additional challenge met was to harmonize the 5 containers including the miniature in order to respect the spirit of this beautiful brand combining fashion and beauty. A big job of adapting the successful design between the STO & Jimmy Choo teams.

4.5 ml, 40 ml, 60 ml, 100 ml, 125 ml

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