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Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Lablabo unveils its new airless Baïa pack


Baïa, whose name means "distinguished", was designed to meet the needs of the cosmetics sector. Presented in two formats (30 ml and 50 ml) and two doses (0.25 ml and 0.5 ml), this airless pack is positioned on the facial care market.

Baïa is available in a PE pouch or aluminum pouch version (multilayer complex) for maximum protection of the formula. Available in a recycled or bio-based 30% and 50% version (without contact with the formula), Baïa will be, according to Lablabo, “the evidence of organic brands. "

Its pump allows the distribution of high viscosity creams, optimal restitution (> 90%), very high dosing precision and dose repeatability. Its cylindrical shape allows a wide choice of decoration options. And still a very simple filling that does not require a line with an air vacuum.

Lablabo, specialized in pocket airless since 1996, is characterized by two strong ideas: innovation and responsiveness. At the end of 2019, Lablabo joined Pinard Beauty Pack. The two companies obtained ISCC Plus certification, which is part of the implementation of their CSR policy.

Thanks to this certification, Pinard Beauty Pack & Lablabo can offer new materials from chemical recycling or from renewable materials, and therefore an alternative to mechanical recycling. These new materials are certified according to the ISCC Plus standard via the “mass balance” process, or mass balance. With ISCC Plus certification, Pinard Beauty Pack & Lablabo support their clients in a more sustainable and circular approach. The materials offered benefit from European food safety certificates, while respecting the specifications of pharmacy and cosmetics. The ISCC Plus certification also highlights a responsible purchasing approach with raw materials manufactured in Europe.

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