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Symrise receives the "Extraordinary Fragrance" award at the 2017 FiFi Awards

Symrise's Fine Fragrance Division has won the Fragrance Foundation's prestigious "Fragrance Extraordinaire" award for Poppy Soma, a fragrance from Quartana Parfums' Les Potions Fatales line.

The "Parfum Extraordinaire" award is the only award given by the Fragrance Foundation that truly celebrates the art of perfume creation. Each fragrance house can select and submit a creation from its previous year's launches. The fragrances are then blindly evaluated by a panel of olfactory experts from fragrance suppliers and manufacturers. From the selections, one fragrance is chosen to receive this prestigious award.

For two years, Symrise perfumers Emilie Coppermann and Dave Apel worked together to create Poppy Soma. This fragrance is part of the Les Potions Fatales collection, which explores the treacherous beauty behind nine of the world's most poisonous flowers. This smoky, narcotic and spicy amber oriental floral scent blends Sichuan pepper, curry leaf, red peppers, black gardenia, jasmine sambac, red rose, incense, labdanum, tuberose, styrax and musk tonquin. A portion of the proceeds from sales of this fragrance will benefit the American Association of Poison Control Centers (www.aapcc.org)
"I am thrilled with the creativity of our perfumers who have created a true masterpiece for Quartana Parfums," said Achim Daub, President Scent & Care at Symrise. "Winning the Fragrance Foundation's most prestigious award is a true honor for us and underscores our mission to create a better life through fragrance. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this extraordinary achievement!"

Emilie Coppermann, Master Perfumer: for over 20 years, Emilie has worked for the most prestigious fashion and designer brands. Her success is based on her ability to follow women's intuition. Her work has been rewarded several times by her peers and recognized by institutional awards such as the Lalique Luxury Talent Award in 2011.

David Apel, VP Senior Perfumer: In love with captivating oils, smooth liquids and mesmerizing solid resins, his explorations of perfumery allow him to have and exercise a unique artistic style. David was also heavily involved in the development of the famous Bases De Laire in the 21st century.

Joseph Quartana: Joseph is the founder of Six Scents and the former Seven New York fashion boutique. Quartana Parfums is a new high-end fragrance line in the Six Scents portfolio that explores singular themes through a series of luxurious, limited edition fragrances.

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