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TechnicoFlor develops a fragrance collection inspired by the world of the Metaverse

TechnicoFlor, a French perfume composition house, supplies the biggest names in Perfumery, Cosmetics and Hygiene, and its fragrances are used in numerous applications worldwide: eau de toilettes, body and face care, shower gels, shampoos, hydro-alcoholic gels.... Constantly on the lookout for new creative directions, TechnicoFlor has now turned its attention to the world of the Metaverse, at the heart of all desire, to create a collection of 8 Eau de Toilette fragrances with never-before-seen scents. 

The Metaverse revolutionizes the beauty industry

The metaverse, digitally accessible The computer-generated environment now makes it possible to buy virtual fashion items and accessories, discover new environments and attend product launches. These worlds on the edge of reality, offering enormous freedom of space, are especially popular with brands. Defined, they say, as Web 3.0, This new market offers visibility to Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2010), who can live this immersive, interactive experience to the full. 

A new collection of 8 fragrances inspired by the Metaverse universe

Inspired by the computer world represented by the metaverse and the galaxy symbolizing space, 8 perfumers from the TechnicoFlor group have created Eau de Toilette fragrances that illustrate their own perception of this universe. The result: a collection of 8 fragrances with woody, fruity and spicy notes that invite you to travel into the infinity of space to discover scents outside the real world. 

  • A.I. World (Romain Keller) A fragrance of character, with animalic woody notes, faceted with notes of red fruits. An illustration of a world ruled by the laws of digital technology, where nature takes its revenge.
  • Parallel Universe (Bérengère Bourgarel) : A woody oriental note, where the imaginary of a parallel world is infinitely gourmand.
  • Call Of Beauty (Marika Symard) A new interpretation of Beauty in a New World, characterized by a woody oriental DNA built around an Iris embellished with sacred spices.
  • Cyberhigh (Irène Farmachidi) :A wake anchored in the Matrix by its codes of wood, cinnamon and cardamom on a flight of smoky notes.
  • Utopia Overdose (Bertrand Duchaufour) :A plunge into a colorful fantasy world, where gourmet fruit reigns alongside precious flowers.
  • Neo Avatar (Félix Deschamps) :The imagination of an avatar in a virtual jungle, where neo citrus and sacred woods mingle on an amber base.
  • Robot Kiss (Christine Lucas): A metallic pink kiss that provokes a floral explosion of love, combined with notes of red berries.
  • NFT (Jérémy Sabater): An accord of precious notes creates a unique fragrance. A game of seduction in which woods confront sweet and spicy facets.

"Today, brands increasingly need to think outside the box - seduction, Proust's madeleine, travel, escape - to tell the story of their new fragrance. The immersive aspect is a real demand. And at the same time, there's a real need for consumers to immerse themselves in a world that's not their own. The metaverse represents a new playground for the beauty industry. For the moment, sight and hearing are the only senses used in this universe. Multi-sensoriality will be tomorrow's new way of approaching the world of perfume: leaving the consumer alone to discover his or her fragrance within a multi-sensorial universe in which he or she will be immersed. It could be a new way of presenting tomorrow's fragrances. That's why we've imagined this collection, with its different facets". explains Christopher Sabater, General Manager of TechnicoFlor's Dubai subsidiary.

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