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Tecmatel and Realetee, a tailor-made partnership for unique external breast implants

Specializing in custom adhesive converting for over 30 years, Tecmatel supports the company Realetee to adapt medical adhesives to the dimensions of fully customized external breast prostheses for women who have undergone mastectomies.
In the middle of Pink October, Realetee, a manufacturer of customized external breast prostheses based in Nice (06), approached the Yvelines-based adhesive processing company Tecmatel (78). The aim was to find a long-term skin adhesion process for these alternative solutions to breast reconstruction.

Surgical reconstruction, whether immediate or posterior, is not adopted by all patients, but psychological reconstruction is indispensable. External prostheses are today widely adopted solutions for masking post-operative scars. However, in their current designs, they do not fully meet the needs expressed, as they are too often standardized.

Julien Montenero, founder of Realetee, has been creating custom 3D facial prostheses for over a decade. Since then, he has been looking for ways to transfer his proven technology into his facial rehabilitation designs to provide custom-made external breast prostheses. The combination of his proprietary technology and today's digital tools makes it possible to reconstruct the shape, color, weight and feel of the mastectomized breast. The result is a breast that is entirely tailored to the patient.

Recent advances in 3D technology have enabled her to realize this project, which she had been planning for over 20 years, and create these unique prostheses. This solution avoids postural imbalances, and allows the patient to continue wearing her clothes and underwear. " We take the patient's measurements using a device that records volumes to create a digital breast impression. This is our worldwide innovation: it keeps a digital trace of the patient's anatomy, enabling us to create a completely customized external breast prosthesis. Designed in the image of the patient's breast, it adapts perfectly to her body for greater comfort. "explains Julien Montenero. " However, we didn't have a solution for gluing the breast to the body, since we had to be able to adapt to the size and weight of the prosthesis, and to the order volumes of each individual. "he adds.

The Yvelines-based company Tecmatel and its 54 employees were immediately keen to take up Realetee's challenge. In addition, as an Iso 13485-certified company specializing in the processing of biocompatible adhesives, Tecmatel has developed the reactivity, technical skills and rigor required in this field, thanks to its previous partnerships and sponsorships in the medical sector.

Already in collaboration with 3M Médical Materials & Technologies and its key account engineer Franck Ajuelos. All it took was one round-table discussion between the protagonists to recommend technical and industrial solutions to the requirements of Mr. Montenero and his team. " As each person has his or her own anatomy, we are able to adapt to the various shapes and specificities required, thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery. Our technical platform, combined with the size of our company, also offers considerable flexibility for this type of request, from small to very large production runs. We would like to thank Realetee and 3M Médical Materials & Technologies for their trust and high regard for our expertise. "explains Hervé Abitbol, CEO of Tecmatel.

To make the prosthesis as faithful as possible to the mastectomized breast, and help every woman feel better after the disease. Maintain the prosthesis in all moments of life, even the most intimate. Cutting the adhesive solution to perfection, so that it becomes totally invisible. Respecting skin integrity over the long term... The objectives and challenges are ambitious for these two companies, who have decided to take up these shared challenges. " The Realetee definitive external prosthesis enables you to regain your figure after breast cancer and its consequences. Entirely custom-made and ergonomic thanks to our 3D technologies, it helps restore body comfort and mental well-being. "explains Julien Montenero.

" This partnership enables us to provide real support for women who need a mastectomy, and who will have to live temporarily or permanently with one or all of their breasts missing. We're delighted to put our expertise to work for this worthy cause. Supporting Realetee was a logical step, as it offers a truly innovative solution for women affected by breast cancer, a cause to which Tecmatel is very sensitive. We do everything in our power to help them improve their lives. "adds Hervé Abitbol.

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