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Texen Beauty Partners : Tottle collections

The idea was all the rage a few years ago. Since then, brands have continued to adapt the concept. The tottle's invaluable assets include unbeatable practicality and a healthy dose of creativity. Texen Beauty Partners puts all its agility into the short development of customized standard packs. 

A new design for Matis

Previously available in a metallic purple finish, Réponse Jeunesse fluid skincare is now called Réponse préventive. For the occasion, this tottle has been given a new, more sober and elegant design. With its small capacity (30 ml), it is an example of an ultra-customized standard pack. It is injected in two layers (PE/PE). Its cap is designed in two parts, one transparent and the other tinted white on the inside for a particularly premium relief effect. 

The white mass-tinted decoration of the bottle and cap is in keeping with the brand's new graphic identity. Printing is then carried out using two-color screen printing.

Nuxe, chic and practical

This summer, NUXE Sun High Protection Light Fluid SPF50 was added to the brand's suncare range. For this development, Texen Beauty Partners had to combine originality with respect for the range's color codes. A pocket version (50 ml) was designed for everyday use. 

The bottle (HDPE/LDPE) features a bronze-colored PP cap and a PE plastic tip to regulate formula distribution. The silkscreen decoration is produced in two colors on the front and one on the back. The insertion of mother-of-pearl in the tint gives the packaging an attractive satin finish.

SVR, expert and efficient

In the Clairial range from the SVR laboratory, the latest anti-spot evening-out corrector, Clairial Day, is packaged in a 30 ml format. It includes a standard three-layer injection-blown bottle, a reducer and a cap whose gray interior and transparent exterior simulate glass.

The front/back design features some interesting subtleties: the "Clairial" name is printed in metallic ink and the "Day" is screen-printed in a cool grey shade. The SVR logo is hot-stamped.

In all three cases, stainless steel balls are used to activate the mixing of the formula before application.

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